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The objective of this year long mentoring and top-level mastermind program is to inspire, motivate, educate and mentor you through the process of generating a highly engaged audience of passionate fans and to assist you as you develop your brand, message, websites, product offerings, client and customer base, systems and presence as a top-level leader in your industry while allowing you to reach the income levels that you need to grow your business and develop a mass audience of devoted fans and advocates, so you can make a real difference in this noisy world.

During your participation in this mentoring and mastermind program, we will help you focus, strategize and provide step-by-step coaching, partnering opportunities, multi-media training, on-line and off-line workshops and events and support to assist you in creating the results you want and deserve and to reach millions with your ideas, products and services.

Working with the Pltinum Mastermind Members will be an interactive, intense, fulfilling, “out-of-the-box,” productive, exciting results-oriented, focused, supportive and fun experience. You’ll gain a greater sense of purpose, focus and direction. You’ll develop a specific plan of action. And, you will learn to take specific, consistent action on things that are most important to you… every day.

You are in charge. Bring your biggest personal and professional challenges, opportunities and dreams. Bring an open mind. Focus. Be ready to take your life and your business to the next level of results, joy and fulfillment.

My job as a Mentor and Mastermind Producer is to help you identify and refine your goals, eliminate the barriers that stand in your way, and help you take the action to make those outcomes your realities. I’ll be keeping an eye on both your long-term “meta-goals” as well as the weekly and monthly steps that will help you get what you want.

  • I will exercise a high degree of professionalism, integrity and honesty.
  • I am committed to your success, therefore I commit to following your agenda. What you say you want is my absolute focus and the focus of every conversation.
  • I will, at all times, maintain the highest ethical standards and diligently respect your confidentiality.
  • I promise that you will receive value from our relationship together.


  • I request that you also bring a high degree of professionalism, integrity and honesty to our mastermind sessions.
  • I request that you allow yourself to be open to new possibilities, fresh ideas and unique ways of finding solutions.
  • I request that you be accountable and committed to producing your results. Powerful choices will be made and you will get the results you want.
  • I request that you use all of the resources provided, including me, to the fullest extent to get the most from your mastermind experience. • I request that you be prepared to have fun and enjoy our mastermind relationships.
  • We work together to evaluate your effective and timely progress towards your objectives.


The biggest opportunities for your success are setting the message; the strategies, tactics and the assessment of the various providers that you will need to execute a mass media drive for your project. Those choices are crucial to your success.

These needs will grow as the success of your marketing bears fruit and must be addressed in a stepby-step ongoing way through expert oversight and planning.

The purpose of an overall strategic communications plan is to integrate all your marketing, organizing, research, direct service, education, sales, and advocacy efforts.

By laying out a long-term overall strategy, you will be well positioned to be proactive rather than just reacting to the existing environment and it will easier for you to shape your marketing strategy and make it more effective.
It is important to understand that while your marketing strategy will support your overall objectives and target audience, the tactics and tools are used differently.

For example, rather focusing on "blasting out your message," your social media effort will focus more on listening and conversation. Your social media strategy will be implemented in a slightly different way than other tactics in your communications plan such as email messaging, for example:

It is important that your organization have a solid Internet strategy in place to get the most of your social media efforts. This includes your web site, email marketing, and search engine optimization. Your social media strategy will support and enhance these other components. For example, if your organization launches a successful campaign on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter and it succeeds in generating buzz, you’ll want to make sure that a user looking for more information will be able to find your web site on Google.

Kevin George has decades of experience developing strategies for getting ideas, products and services out to millions of people. Having his expertise available on an “on-call’ basis, to set strategies, tactics and to make assessments of potential vendor offerings will be invaluable.


As an active mastermind member you receive access to small group calls and webcasts only available to mastermind member hosted both by Kevin George and a world-class group of over 30 experts on our Team Faculty for the entire year. These training calls and webcasts are exclusive to Kevin's mentoring clients and include topics ranging from goal setting, mindset, branding, messaging, authoring, speaking, social media, list building, web site development, traffic generation, business systems, launch tactics and strategies and much more.


The members of the Platinum Mastermind will treat your contributions in full confidence and not share that information with anyone else without consent. We are here to lift each other up and to achieve greater results by working together

 It is important to understand that while your marketing strategy will support your overall objectives and target audience, the tactics and tools are used differently. 


  • Come with a clear agenda and lead our sessions. That is, if you know exactly what you want from our Mastermind calls you are more likely to get it.
  • Please use our relationship as a resource, not as an answer. I will help you to discover your own answers. I do not and will not tell you what to do. The answers exist within you.
  • Enjoy our calls and use our relationship to the fullest. Personal development is fun!
  • Communicate authentically by being open, honest and direct at all times. Have the courage to get your needs met. I will respect your needs.
  • Make sure you are fully heard. Have the courage to express yourself.
  • Commit to participating fully during every event. Then, double your level of willingness.
  • Be prepared to be challenged. I am the keeper of your vision and goals. With this in mind, you may be asked to raise your standards, redesign your time, remove stress from your life, change your behaviors, discover more about yourself, etc.

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