When it Comes to SEO and Marketing, what Works, what Doesn’t Work Anymore,
and what Might Actually Get Your Website De-Indexed by Google is Constantly Changing.
That’s Why it’s Time to…

Discover the Investment that Keeps You One Step Ahead of Google Without Having to Hire a $3,000 per Month SEO Consultant.

 Learn How You Can Join the Business Owners,
Marketers, and Online Entrepreneurs Who’ve Said
“Goodbye” to High-Priced SEO Consultants.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solopreneur, brick and mortar business owner, or the marketing manager for a multi-million-dollar non-profit…

You’re about the discover why there’s no reason to keep throwing your money away, wasting resources, and spending time working with high-priced consultants who don’t have more than a weekend worth of information behind their certifications, ideas, and strategies.

You’re about to learn how to say no to outrageous SEO consulting fees and bring your SEO, SEM, and internet marketing in-house for a small investment.

And you need to keep reading because…

 Right Now, You’re at the Mercy of a $300+/hr Consultant You’ll Need to Hire On a Regular Basis…

My name is Kevin George and I’m an SEO and internet marketing consultant.

You’ve either paid someone less qualified than me before…

Or you’ve thought about hiring a consultant like me to fix the problems an inexperienced SEO Agency caused.

Often, my clients hire me after they’ve made the mistake of trusting an SEO agency or consultant with limited experience—simply because they were unfamiliar with the concepts of SEO, SEM and internet marketing that are essential for success.

Over the past six of years, I’ve worked directly with dozens of business owners just like you who were forced to pay me thousands in consulting fees.

I say “forced” for one reason:

Because Google Changes Everything. All the Time.
And SEO Strategies, Marketing Strategies, and Your Profit Change Right Along with Google. 

Google changes the “rules” 500+ times per year.

Most of these changes are little.

5-6 of them every year are big.

Just this year, we’ve seen Panda 4.2, RankBrain, the “May Quality Update,” an unconfirmed update that blipped on your SERP reports in February, the Mobile Update and more…

That’s why you’ve been paying someone just like me $300 an hour for weeks at a time to revamp your site, content, and strategy to match the new rules.

But I would like to do something different. I’d like to show you how to put control of your SEO strategy into your own hands.

Make Sure You’re Not “at the Mercy” of an SEO Agency, Firm or Consultant with:

DIY SEO Academy

The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Affordable Way to Stay Up-to-Date on SEO, SEM and Internet Marketing Trends.

DIY SEO Academy provides you with the practical, real-world proven strategies your business needs to attract more prospects through organic Google searches.

You’re about to get instant access to:

  • Weekly Training and Updates
  • Easy-to-Follow Learning Modules
  • Strategies You Can Apply Right Now
  • “What’s Working” Interviews with Experts
  • A Collection Up-to-Date Resources
  • And Much More!

When you join DIY SEO Academy, you get immediate access to SEO, SEM and Internet Marketing strategies that are working right now and you’re prepared for the future with constant updates that change as the Google algorithm updates.

Eliminate Costly Consulting Fees and Bring Your SEO and Marketing Strategy In-House.

Here’s Exactly What’s Waiting for You Inside:

  • Weekly SEO and SEM Training – Each and every week you’ll get access to complete easy-to-follow Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing trainings. You’ll be able to immediately apply the principles you’ll learn, adapting your business website and marketing strategy as “what is working right now” changes.
  • The Academy Training Archive – The minute you click below and sign up, you’ll also get immediate access to the complete archive of DIY SEO Academy training, giving you access to many of the exact same strategies, techniques, and principles you’d pay a consultant $1,000s to implement.
  • Google Update Training – Every time Google makes one of the 5-10 major updates guaranteed to impact your business each year, you’ll receive a complete analysis and training explaining how the update impacts your business and what you need to change moving forward.
  • Practical Strategies, Advice and Examples – Apply proven principles easier than ever before thanks to the practical insider advice you’ll receive as a DIY SEO Academy student. You’ll be able to easily manage SEO for your business or train an employee to keep everything in-house.
  • Expert Guests, Interviews, And More! – The DIY SEO Academy includes interviews with expert guests, advice from real-world marketers and business owners who will discuss what works, doesn’t work, and will work in the future for your business.

Membership for Each Months is Just $97!
Take a Look Inside Right Now
Don’t Wait!
Join The DIY SEO Academy Today! 

DIY SEO Academy Membership

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